Ultimate Pack

Ultimate Pack



12 Speed Stacks cups (Pro Series 2 SEK, CHOI or PS2x)
Quick Release Stem
Gen 4 Mat
G4 Timer
Stacker Backpack
Cup Keeper
Online Instructional Video

Get the best of everything with the Speed Stacks Ultimate. Includes one set of Speed Stack Pro Series cups (or your choice of any cup colour – PS2x Ice Blue, PS2x or CHOI), a StackMat Pro (G4 Timer and Gen 4 Mat) and the Stacker Backpack for holding everything.

Speed StacksĀ® are specially designed high-tech Sport Stacking cups endorsed by the World Sport Stacking Association (WSSA) for competition. Speed Stacks are the only products approved for use in WSSA sanctioned events and each cup carries the official WSSA seal of approval.

Take Your Stacking To The Next Level! Pro Series cups are endorsed and signed by World Champion Stackers.

No center that eliminates air resistance and reduces down stacking time
Special high impact material
Official WSSA approved equipment

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Pro Series 2 CHOI, Pro Series 2x Blue Ice, PS2x


Black Flame, Black Hex, Storm, Voxel Glow


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